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How to Care for Your Ornamental Grasses.

Site Location: Grasses grow in a wide range of growing conditions. From wet to dry, sun to shade -- choose the grass to fit your location and it will give you seasons of low maintenance enjoyment.

Water: Many grasses exhibit drought tolerance once established, however, regular water for the first two months until established will benefit all ornamental grasses.

Fertilizer: It is best not to fertilize your ornamental grasses. Fertilizer creates soft, succulent growth that results in a weaker plant that tends to flop over and needs staking.

Maintenance: Cut back deciduous (warm season) grasses in early spring (1st of March) before new growth begins. They can be sheared to within a few inches of the ground. If your grass is evergreen (cold season) and shows tattered or brown tips -- a light trim -- 1/3 of the grass height is all they need.

Propagation: Some grasses will re-seed in your garden -- if this is a concern -- cut back inflorescence (flowers) before they mature and shatter. Grasses respond well to division -- which should be done during active growth. Consult a reference for the best time for your particular grass.

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